Columbians may get paid leave to mourn dead pets πŸ’₯😭😭πŸ’₯

According to reports, a Columbian politician has proposed a new law to allow employees in the country to get two days paid leave if a pet dies.

Politician Alejandro Carlos Chacon who belongs to Columbia’s Liberal Party put forward the bill in the country’s Parliament.

Chacon claimed most families in the country have pets with strong “sentiment” towards them. However, an employee would have to present evidence before claiming the paid leaves.

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Reports say the death of “exotic” animals is not part of the bill.

Also, employees can reportedly be fined if they lie about the incident. The bill will need to be passed by both houses of parliament before it becomes mandatory.

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Meanwhile, in the UK, the Johnson government is planning to make pet abduction a criminal offence. The move comes after rising cases of animal thefts during the pandemic.

Home Secretary Priti Patel backed the move, saying: “Stealing a pet is an awful crime which can cause families great emotional distress whilst callous criminals line their pockets.”

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The new law is aimed at ensuring the welfare of animals even as Priti Patel pointed out that pets are “far more than just property”.

UK’s move would give more powers to the police to go after those responsible for stealing pets. The UK government took up the issue after a report from Pet Theft Taskforce which was set up in May amid lockdown in the country.

The report said there were rising cases of theft involving dogs even as more people had acquired a new pet during the long drawn out lockdown in the UK.

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Columbians may get paid leave to mourn dead pets

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