Phillips: The living dead πŸ’₯😭😭πŸ’₯

The reading of the names of the fallen dead facilitates the resonance of integral presence of those persons living on earth with those energy-spirit persons in their new home in the universe energy-spirit through pandimensional awareness.

Some people are adept in receiving and participating in this process of communication, other people intuitively feel something is happening, while others have little awareness of this form of communication and living in the universe energy-spirit.

The content of the speakers addressed specifics of fallen soldiers which enhances the resonating communication of persons living in the dimensions of earth and those living in the dimensions of the universe.

The singing of the national anthem enhanced one’s pride and joy of being an American, whether one was standing, sitting in a chair, or sitting on the ground. The persons living in the universe can have a sense of renewal of their pride and recognition where there is no specific position.

The foregoing was reprised by the bagpiper playing Amazing Grace, a joyful, sacred rhythm of recognition for all energy-spirits living in the universe. The 21 gun salute was the capstone for their recognition, now as living energy-spirit.

Shortly after the program a train passed with its wheels clicking-clacking on the rails, bells ringing and toots of the train whistle. Memories emerged of the little train engine saying, yes, I can; yes, I can. Yes, we can create a democracy where there is equity, equality, justice, and freedom for the wellbecoming of all people as energy-spirit whether they reside on earth or in the universe.

Phillips is a retired professor from New York University’s Rory Meyers College of Nursing. He lives in Radford.

Phillips: The living dead

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