Red Dead Online Player Makes 50 Cent in the Game πŸ’₯😭😭πŸ’₯

A player of Rockstar’s Red Dead Online uses the game’s character customization options to create a version of rapper 50 Cent.

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Besides gaining popularity that can last for decades, certain video games can inspire the creativity of fans, and few games have motivated players more than Rockstar’s Wild West-inspired action adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2. More than three years after its release, the game still has a thriving community and probably will for years to come, thanks in part to its Red Dead Online multiplayer mode.

One frequent way that fans express their creativity in Red Dead Online is through the robust character creator, and all manner of celebrities and pop culture personalities have joined the game’s Van der Linde gang to wreak havoc in the United States of 1899. Sometimes these celebrity recreations are apt, such as when a Red Dead Online player recreated Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven character, William Munny. Other player-created characters, like Batman antagonist Mr. Freeze, Han Solo, or the Terminator, are a bit more unexpected.


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The latest personality to join the band of outlaws in Red Dead Online is American rapper 50 Cent, or Curtis James Jackson. The artist is considered one of the most influential in his genre, and can usually be seen dressed casually in a baseball cap and sports jersey. However, 50 Cent has been known to appear stylishly dressed as well, and the look he sported in the video for 2003’s β€œP.I.M.P.,” one of his breakout songs, has become iconic. While not an exact replica, a Red Dead Online player recreated the rapper’s look as closely as they could and shared the results on Reddit.

In the video for β€œP.I.M.P.,” 50 Cent sports an all-white outfit: tank top, loose-fitting pants, sneakers, and a bandanna topped by a fedora. The rapper completed the look with a large watch, some silver chains with a large cross, a black belt with a large silver buckle, and a giant ring on the pinky finger of each hand. Despite the limitations of Red Dead Online’s character creator, the player successfully recreated 50 Cent’s appearance, enough that anyone familiar with the rapper should be able to recognize it.

The creativity sparked by Red Dead Redemption 2 extends beyond character creation, though. Fans have expressed their attachment to the game in all kinds of ways. In addition to a flood of fan art in traditional and digital media, there have been Red Dead Redemption themed birthday cakes, comic books, and even a full-scale map of the game world based on the equivalent real-world locations. One player found the game’s narrative so powerful that they have begun to write a novel based on Red Dead Redemption 2’s story so that they can share the experience with their father.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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Red Dead Online Player Makes 50 Cent in the Game

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