Restorative Justice Champion Agnes Furey Dead At 84 💥😭😭💥

A tiny woman with a gigantic heart has died in Tallahassee. The community is remembering Restorative Justice advocate Agnes Furey who died early Sunday, Aug. 22.

In her 2013 appearance on WFSU’s Perspectives, Agnes Furey told of her deep belief in the power of redemption.

“I’ve known people who have lived on the street that are today movers and shakers in our communities. It happens. It can happen,” she insisted as the discussion focused on whether even violent offenders might find redemption.

For her, that redemption even applied to Leonard Scovens who murdered Furey’s daughter and grandson in 1998. She forgave him and he went on to inspire other inmates in his prison to come to acknowledge what they’d done and who they’d hurt. Among Furey’s many, many friends was Rebecca Kelly-Manders, also a restorative justice advocate.

“She was just an incredible human being and I hope that I can be half as good of a person as she was,” she said.

Although vaccinated against COVID, Furey was exposed to the disease about a week before her death. She was 84.

Restorative Justice Champion Agnes Furey Dead At 84

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