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The Walking Dead spoilers for season 11 episode ‘Rendition’ follow.

The Walking Dead has had its fair share of gruesome scenes in its time, but one moment that was undoubtedly hard to watch came in the weekend’s episode.

In ‘Rendition’, Daryl is welcomed into the Reapers after a (literal) trial by fire, while also reuniting with girlfriend-turned-captor Leah.

However, one Reaper was subjected to a horrific fate when Pope pushed his head into a fire, his skin literally melting off as he died.

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Showrunner Angela Kang has now admitted to Entertainment Weekly that there “were a lot of conversations” about how much to show in the “pretty graphic” scene.

“I think sometimes with human violence, we try to be a little careful with it, a little more so than if it’s like zombie gore, which people love seeing,” she explained.

“I think with this, because it’s a villain killing a villain, we need to show how brutal and unpredictable Pope can be. I mean, he threw this guy in the fire because he thought he didn’t do a good job protecting his friend.

“But go back and look at the episode where this incident happened. The guys were fighting and he took off with his friend. It’s just that our people bested them a little bit, you know?”

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Kang added that Pope has “all kinds of paranoid ideas”, noting: “So to get that across, we felt that ultimately it did need to be a little graphic and horrific.

“I personally am not shedding a lot of tears for this guy who went after our people and tried to do harm to them.

“But, at the same time, we definitely had a lot of questions about how much the fire covers. How much skin do we need to see melting off? But hopefully it struck enough of a balance that people get what they’re up against here.”

The Walking Dead airs on AMC in the US. Meanwhile, UK viewers can now watch all episodes via STAR on Disney+.

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The Walking Dead’s Angela Kang addresses season 11 episode 4’s brutal death

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